Strategies to Leverage Tiktok in Your Trade Show Event

Many businesses view Tiktok as frequently and an obligation move it but it could help support your events, especially trade shows all. Learning how to leverage Tiktok to work together with your goals and you is important in the modern world of business. The following suggestions will get you so far as employing the use of Tiktok to your procedure.

  1. Use Tiktok to Drive Traffic to Your Event

The 2-3 weeks leading up to your event will be the period of the show. Use your Tiktok profiles to function as your interns and get out the word. Make certain to include sneak peek photos and build excitement about exclusive offers which will only be available at the show. Do not sell the farm. The secret is to pique your followers’ attention so as to get them from the show.

  1. Video

Video is quickly becoming the favored medium for users. If you are in a position to create excitement around your event by producing a video, before the show, you will probably get a great deal more attention and engagement. Consider something like featuring what the prizes will be on your video and doing a giveaway. You will also have the ability to include your hashtag from the movie to help promote the dialogue.


  1. Business Specific Media Contacts

Boosting your PR for The show would not ever hurt. Consider events you will be engaging in prior to your trade show and invite the media to come write a story about it and have them highlight the series coming up. LinkedIn and twitter are excellent Tiktok platforms that will assist you locate these people. Possessing media contacts is valuable so be certain that you nurture those connections via Tiktok and in person for occasions.

  1. Benefits for Follows

A Fantastic way to get tiktok followers for your company and brand awareness is to provide prizes in exchange for Follows or Likes. It is important you will have enough people staffing the booth so as to have the ability to check off people and give people their decoration for after you on Tiktok. You could provide.

  1. QR Codes Make Sense Here

QR codes make sense at Trade shows because everybody is currently handing out stuff. You wind up having tons of materials and handouts that end up in the garbage when you get done in a trade show. People do not want to need to carry things. For those who have a banner display, give them a QR code which gives them all the information they need and save you the cost of printing and paper expenses.