Increase Social Media Follower Without Making It An Addiction

Every human has a nose for knowledge; it’s our nature that we want to know the unknown. Similarly, when a new technology is launched, people get interested and attracted about it. Just like instagram, which launched in the first of this decade, in 2010, in 10 years, over the world user count reaches upto 400 million? The social photo sharing app becomes the most powerful aspect of social media. It’s a totally free social app available on IOS and Android. In 2012 Facebook bought Instagram.

Social Media followers

What is the use of instagram?

Instagram started its way as a photo and video sharing application. Previously it had only two functions like sharing photos with your friends. Now it developed day by day. So, instagram has two buttons called ‘followers’ and ‘following’. Followers are those friends or people who follow you. And following are who you follow. You can also set a private button for your profile, so that when someone requests to follow you, you have to approve their requests. You can like their photos or videos. You can also interact with many people using Instagram. It has many followers and special effects like boomerang, live sessions. People can come in to live and interact with many peoples. Instagram has their personal hash tag wave. Once someone starts a hash tag mission, it gets viral. It can create a social trend. Instagram can also be a platform of business.

Instagram is all about followers. The users who got more followers are more active in their profile.

Ways to grow your instagram following

  • Tag a friend
  • Give people a reason to follow
  • Give away free products
  • Send free products to influencer
  • Buy followers

But involving social media influencers to your page or profile can draw free instagram followers. Influencers are those persons who have a social role, who are normal people but have a social impact on normal people. Influencers are those people who have built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a specific topic. Normal people follow an influence. So, when you send products to an influence, he/she refers to your page on their post or they can tag you or your page on their post. In another way they can tell their followers to go and visit your page or follow your page. Thus you can get many followers.

Today many websites have various plans for providing instagram followers. Plan starts from minimum 2$ to 500$. But you have to be careful when you buy instagram followers, because there are many websites which are actually fakes, those websites provide fake accounts or bouts. As a result your followers count will increase but in real life those followers do not exist. So it’s a loss overall.

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