Do men really spend more time shopping than women?

Contrary to the stereotype, a recent study has shown that men are actually spending more time shopping than women. On average, it’s been found that a man takes around 15 days, using online shopping as well as visiting stores, to pick out an outfit for an event.


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Comparing this figure to women, they only take 12 days to choose the right outfit. Men will also consult their friends more for advice on what they should wear. Each month men will spend just over one hour talking to friends and co-workers about clothing, and what they might buy next. Females will only talk about fashion for 55 minutes a month.

Men will often go to online blogs to get outfit inspiration. They will also find tv shows to take ideas from. This trend has definitely been shifting over the last few years, with men taking more time and pride in their appearance.

Using social media

Facebook and Instagram are a huge source of fashion advice for men, with 73% of younger men taking to social media to find their next outfit. Whilst men look to their peers for acceptance and approval of an outfit, it’s actually their partners that make that final decision. If a man’s partner says the outfit looks nice, this will be the ultimate influence over the decision. To find Farah shirts your partner will love, go to

Online shopping

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Another method of approval a man will seek is if their mum says it looks good. Online celebrity clothing is often chosen over regular off the rack high street picks, as social media influences decisions.

Online shopping

As for where men are spending most of their time doing their shopping, online takes the gold. If an outfit can’t be found in store, around 80% of us will go to the online outlets to find what we need. The same goes the other way, with 75% of men saying they would hit the high street if they couldn’t find what they wanted online. Shopping online is becoming a more popular choice, so people can see exactly what they’re spending and budget accordingly.

Whether you’re a man or a woman, making the decision to buy an outfit takes multiple steps. The process can be a long one, no matter what gender.